Friday, August 28, 2015, 11 : 55 am

Present:  Dr Yumna Moosa (Intern in Anaesthetics at Addington Hospital), Dr Usha Singh (Anaesthetics HOD)

Meeting with Anaesthetics HOD to pick up my signed logbook for anaesthetics

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03:49 – “You’re a pleasant girl, you’re obviously hard-working, and I’m not sure what your expectations are of the real world. It’s extremely nice to have ideals and things, but your internship is about getting through the two years.”

06:43 – “I’m a bit sad that… for someone with your capability it didn’t end up going as smoothly as some of the other people who are less capable than you, far less hardworking than you, less keen than you. And I think perhaps it could have been avoided.”

10:15 – “Actually the individuals concerned in this case are some of the people that keep this hospital alive, and I just think it’s a little bit sad that things perhaps spiralled out of control”.