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Section 49 of South Africa’s Health Professions Act of 1974 states that:

The council shall, in consultation with a professional board, from time to time make rules specifying the acts or omissions in respect of which the professional board may take disciplinary steps.

Why is this important?The case of the Addington Hospital doctors highlights the need for clear rules prohibiting the coercion and intimidation of medical colleagues, particularly juniors, and the abuse of clinical competency assessments.

If you agree with this, please would you send a message to those in charge of the HPCSA and make your opinion known.

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Or for ease of address copying (and including me and the parliamentary committee):

KgosiL@hpcsa.co.za; Reno.Morar@uct.ac.zaMmampapatla.ramokgopa@wits.ac.za; magda.theron@nhls.ac.za; ntsepe@telkomsa.net; bluke@nwpg.gov.za; Peter.Owen@wits.ac.za; Dlamir@health.gov.za; tfish@sun.ac.za; Arnold.Malotana@gauteng.gov.za; muslimt@ukzn.ac.za; grieta.hanekom@nwu.ac.za; dagmarm@dut.ac.za; SimpiweS@dut.ac.za; yosman@uwc.ac.za; louwwa@unisa.ac.za; maemok@gmail.com; pillayb@ukzn.ac.za; speelmana@cput.ac.za; vanstaden.e@dhet.gov.za; carteT@health.gov.za; sello.ramasala@drdlr.gov.za; vmajalamba@parliament.gov.zamdunjwa@parliament.gov.za; smkaliphi@parliament.gov.za;  Terence.Carter@health.gov.za; srataema@gmail.com; yumbilina@gmail.com

[Please let me know any people or addresses you think should be added or removed from this list.]

HPCSA Medical and Dental Board Executive Committee:

Full list of Medical and Dental Board Committee Members

HPCSA Executive Council:

Lobby Parliament’s portfolio committee on health

 This committee oversees the Department of Health and its entities, including the conduct of the HPCSA. I’m told they could be persuaded to establish an enquiry into the bullying of junior doctors. The committee would then send out a call to those who have been affected and create a safe space to provide evidence.

Contact relevant medical organisations

Please also consider sending messages to relevant professional bodies, such as SAMA and JuDASA, which could lobby on your behalf.

If you are in a leadership position yourself, please consider making a public statement of support.

Talk to other doctors

But it’s also true that rules, regulations and committee decisions only get us so far. The way doctors interact with other people is informed by a professional culture. Talking about issues that you face, or that other people face, is the best way to start changing that culture.

I’m open to suggestions or advice about further action, although I encourage people to take their own initiative as much as possible.

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